Emotional Eating

on October 29, 2006

Part of my 30-day challenge was to allow myself to feel uncomfortable feelings and itentify them. This has been an eye opening exercise this past week. It seems that I have been able to generalize emotions and then bury them in food. Even good feelings sometimes I have run away from. Instead of just labeling everything “stress” I have realized this week that I have also been:
feeling manipulated
hopeful (then realizing I didn’t want to get carried away with that should my dreams soon be smashed)
Today I went on a little sugar/unhealthy food bender and had chocolate, hamburger, fries, and a milkshake. All the while I was going through the drive-in I was mentally pinpointing my emotions. I knew I was medicating them but at least I was becoming honest with myself. It’s a small step toward having a normal relationship with food and with myself.


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