Ahhh – Endorphins I Missed You!

on December 27, 2006

It’s been a month since I went to the gym to workout.   The Holidays just “happened” and I let work suck all the “me time” out of me.  Of course I still had time to disover the “Cocoa Caffe” (the most delicious chocolate experience I can remember.) and I had time to go to some parties and dinner with friends.  But time to workout just seemed to not happen.  Okay – fine — I didn’t make it happen.

Today I left work a half hour early and went right to the gym.  30 Minutes on the Elliptical and 10 minutes of strength training.  Nothing earth shattering except for the return of the Endorphins.  Ahhhh why oh why did I let work, eating, and parties swallow me up?   I walked out of the gym sweaty, stinky, and smiling.  I came home and had a nutritious dinner.  It was delicious.  I still feel calm, thoughts of work aren’t swirling through my head, and I’m still smiling.   Oh Endorphins welcome back!  I missed you!


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