100 Things About Me

on March 8, 2007

100 Things About Me (In No Particular Order)


  1. I love red hair
  2. I recently tried acrylic nails and I’m hooked.  I love them.
  3. I’m uncomfortable with the size of my body.
  4. I have only 1 sister.
  5. My nieces and nephews adore me.
  6. I have OCD.
  7. I love to write but don’t do it enough.
  8. I’d rather give a talk in public than sing in public.
  9. I’ve been in the Young Women 16 of the last 20 years.
  10. I have more books than I’ll ever read.
  11. I was almost hit by a train as a child.
  12. I’ve been flashed.
  13. I went on a mission to West Virginia.
  14. I spent 13 years involved with Oakcrest Camp as an employee or on the committee.
  15. I’d rather cook for 100 than for 2.
  16. I was engaged once.
  17. My favorite TV shows were/are Scarecrow and Mrs. King and The X-Files.
  18. I’m 40 and I live with my mother and a brother.
  19. The more I know my mother, the more she amazes me.
  20. I play the guitar enough to play camp songs.
  21. I’m closer to my sister now than when we were growing up sharing a room.
  22. I’m a packrat.
  23. I’ve spent too much of my life feeling guilty.
  24. I don’t like long toenails and I file mine very very short.
  25. A poem I wrote in the 2nd Grade was published in the local newspaper.  The title “Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving”
  26. I believe the Lord can find all lost keys.
  27. I’m a girl’s camp junkie.  I love it!
  28. I have dislocated my right shoulder 3 times – ouch!
  29. I love John Denver, Barry Manilow, and Neil Diamond.
  30. I never argued with my mother as teenager.  She refuses to argue.
  31. I’ve owned 2 Saturn’s but will probably not own a third.
  32. I am the youngest of 6 children
  33. I am 40 and have never been married – yup still a virgin.
  34. I believe my car trunk and my desk at work are simply extensions of my purse.  If I don’t have it – you don’t need it.
  35. I have a passion for chocolate!  I like milk chocolate but a high quality dark chocolate is a delicious experience.
  36. I have 6 capped teeth.
  37.  I think I’m funny.
  38. Putting on lipstick always makes me feel better.
  39. I’m sarcastic (sometimes too sarcastic.)
  40. I once fed a pig a hotdog and still wonder if it was morally wrong.
  41. My father died in 1990.
  42. I have the same middle name as my mother.
  43. I can only wear earrings with real gold or silver posts.
  44. I love paper products.
  45. I had my first kiss at the age of 20.
  46. I love to bargain shop – the thrill of the hunt.
  47. I want to own a beagle and name it Bagel.
  48. I have never been out of the USA.
  49.  I like Diet Coke.
  50. When I was 3 I prayed to be Genie like on “I Dream of Jeannie”.  My first unanswered prayer!
  51. I love Pride and Prejudice – the book, the movie, and the A&E Mini-Series.
  52. I still believe in true love.
  53. I cry easily.
  54. I HATE when I cry at work.
  55. I dream about my maternal grandparents who died when I was 19 about once a month.
  56. I check my email compulsively.
  57. I have incredible friends.
  58. I read horoscopes.
  59. I wish I were more organized.
  60. I like basketball but think football is boring.
  61. Golf is more boring.
  62. My idea of a perfect man is a mixture of Andy Taylor, Charles Ingalls,  Mr. Darcy, and Fox Mulder.
  63. I love to sleep with the windows open in the summer if there is a cool breeze.
  64. I peed my pants in 2nd grade.  The janitor was cleaning the bathroom and wouldn’t let me in to go.  I was humiliated.
  65. I wish I were more thoughtful.
  66. I hated math in school and still don’t like it.
  67. I never finished college, feel a little guilty about it, but don’t want to go back.
  68. I lettered in track my sophomore and Junior year in high school.
  69. I’m not fond of cats.
  70. My mother does my laundry!  Wahoo – she’s an awesome roommate!
  71. I have sleep apnea.
  72. Except for my mission, I have lived in the same house my entire life.
  73. I have written every day in my journal since I was 14.
  74. I think the only food I really dislike is seafood.
  75. I LOVE Puppies.
  76. All my siblings and myself have first names that start with “D”.
  77. The defining moment when I first realized I was an adult was when I bought a loaf of “homemade” bread and ate the center out and threw the entire crust away.
  78. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 21 and on my mission because my dad told me I couldn’t have them pierced until I was 21 and “out of the house”
  79. I hate waiting in lines.
  80. I can only use Gel Toothpaste.
  81. Today I ate an entire loaf of Great Harvest Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread (Breakfast & Dinner)
  82. I read 3 magazine consistently (First, Woman’s World, and Prevention)
  83. I keep magazines in the bathroom at home.
  84.  I’m pretty sure there are UFO’s (Yes Mulder “I Want to Believe”)
  85. I love bears (real bears – not teddy bears) and in the Millennium I want to have a pet bear.
  86. I grateful I’ve never been tempted to drink alcohol because I’m afraid I’d be an alcoholic who drinks fruity drinks with little umbrellas.
  87. I look dumb in hats.
  88. I would love to live in a cabin in the mountains – but be close enough to drive to the city to shop.
  89. I love the color pink.
  90. Fuchsia is not pink.
  91. I would love to be married but would rather be happily single than unhappily married.
  92. My first job was working at a preschool.
  93. I once held the hand of a naked man (okay – so he was a retarded 18 year old – but he was still naked and I was still embarrassed.)
  94. I was the birth of my youngest nephew.  It was an incredible experience but nothing like births on TV.
  95. I think coffee smells like the bottom of a burnt pan.
  96. I love the smell of a wet sidewalk on a hot summer day.
  97. Perfect comfort food – Ice Cream.
  98. I don’t care for most country music even though my current “theme song” is “I’m Moving On” by Rascal Flatts.
  99. I read or listen to the Book of Mormon every day.  Most my prayers are answered through the scriptures. 
  100. I hope one day to take a picture of me in my “fat pants” where I can fit my whole body into one leg.



4 responses to “100 Things About Me

  1. stephanie ogden says:

    Can you please please please tell me what guitar chords are in the camp song “Tell me the reason” I have been looking everywhere for it. Please help me? Drop me an email if you can. Thanks. Steph

  2. H Russel says:

    Hei, never knew someone honestly describe their self like you do 😀

    Btw, I run a small website about sleep apnea, since i myself got sleep apnea too. It really annoying though.

    I am thinking to buy a solution that can cure my sleep apnea though…

  3. Sylvia says:

    Is there a CD of Oakcrest Camp songs somewhere? I went there a million years ago and learned a lot of the songs and want to sing them to my daughter but can’t remember a lot of the lyrics or full tunes…any ideas?


  4. Jodi says:

    I also attended Oakcrest a few years back and I only bought the book and now I wished I had bought the tape I was wondering where I could get a the CD it would be great. Thanks

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