Blog Impaired?

on April 8, 2007

I’ve been thinking about some of the blogs I like to read. Tonight I spent some time jumping around the internet looking at different blogs. I came to the conclusion that I think I’m “blog impaired.” When i started this blog I wanted it to be a little place were a couple of friends and I could share encouragement on our various weight-loss journeys. Unfortunately my friends didn’t really get the hang of it. But I continued to post from time to time. Hmmm- nothing like talking to myself to certify that I am indeed just a little bit nuts.

Then I started seeing other blogs that were cute and witty. I want to be cute and witty! Then there is the pressure of thinking up something cute and witty to post. Nothing I say or think seems cute and witty.

Perhaps this blog should be simply a journal. I do keep a daily journal separately from this — but maybe this could be a journal — only actually interesting! What a fantastic idea. More days go by between a post – because — hmm — today the most interesting thing that has happened is that I am sure my entire head is filled with boogers and not brains with this stupid cold.

I really do think I’m blog impaired. I will work on it though. This week I vow to be cute and witty, interesting, and have great weightloss inspiration so that I can post fantastic things that no one will read. Well — at least I can vow never to use the word “booger” again in a post.


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