A Couple Random Thoughts About Work

on August 24, 2007

Notes I took during yesterdays meeting with 2 Vice-Presidents (One who is an accountant), a Marketer, a Web-Designer, and 2 accountants:

I am a people person. Which is why generally I love my job. I work with fun people and I love customers the majority of the time. I don’t mind being the department manager most of the time. I like to build people up and help them discover their strengths. There are somethings about being the manager I dislike. I hate to correct people, oh and I really hated having to give employees the “hygiene chat” also known as “please wash your clothes, take a bath, and put on some deoderant EVERY day” chat. Thankfully I haven’t had to have that chat recently. I also generally like to avoid meetings. I’m not so lucky today because I am sitting in a meeting to discuss financial matters and there are 3 accountants in the room. So far I have been here a half hour. Accountants love to talk about accountanty things. I know- because my father was an accountant. They get animated and their eyes sparkle like they are in love for the first time when you bring up things like – um – spreadsheets. So, so far in this meeting I have heard the following:

blah – blah – blah – Freight costs -blah – blah – blah – margin -blah – blah – blah -projections -blah – blah – blah – overhead -blah – blah – blah.

I am trying to follow along with them. I am holding the spreadsheets in my hand and following along and turning the pages at the appropriate time. I nod at the appropriate time and make a small comment a minute ago. But basically all I have heard is:

-blah – blah – blah –

But — I AM writing in this euber-cool black leather-like notebook right now and they probably think I’m so smart and taking notes on everything they say.

Office Mom

Today I feel like the office mom. Not the cool Kool-aid mom that everyone loves, but the irritated mom that you pretty much want to avoid if you can. Conversation today with office children:

Office Child: “waaa we have no office supplies”

Office Mom: “Did you look?”

Office Child “look? What does that mean?”

Office Mom: “you know open drawers in supply closet and look?”

Office Child: “Those drawers open?”

My apologies to anyone in the department to anyone who reads this. Mommy still loves you but she needs a nap.


One response to “A Couple Random Thoughts About Work

  1. natalie says:


    You make me laugh.

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