Mmmm a Lovely Discovery

on October 2, 2007

In my efforts to transform my body into – um half the woman that I am. I must admit that I never plan on giving up chocolate. I have become a little more refined in my tastes, however, and don’t waste time anymore on cheap chocolate. Last week in an eternally long meeting with the company’s friendly accountant, he offered us all some candy. Hershey’s miniatures stared at me and I debated whether I wanted one and whether it was “point worthy”. Finally I took one Krackle bar and slowly unwrapped it. I took one nibble, determined to make the chocolate last longer. I was shocked at my reaction. Did I actually use to eat these waxy, overly sweet, with a nasty aftertaste pieces of — yuck? I wrapped the remainder of the chocolate bar, put it in my pocket to deposit in the trash on my way out. I really needed a piece of Dove Dark to get rid of that nasty taste in my mouth.

At the store on Saturday I was intrigued at seeing Betty Crocker “Warm Delights” in a mini version. I had looked at the bigger bowls in the past, and although they looked gooey and delicious – I just couldn’t justify the 7 Weight Watcher points it would cost me. I could eat 7 Weight Watcher Fudge Bars for 7 points (which are scrumptious, by the way) But now — the mini bowls would just be 3 points each. So I figured I would try it once.

Tonight after a great workout at the gym, a little treat was in order. So I took out the little bowl from the package, opened the tiny bag of cake mix and mixed in the 4 teaspoons of water. I squirted on the little bag of “molten chocolate” and microwaved for 30 seconds as instructed. It looked a little weird when it was done. It wasn’t quite like Chili’s trillion-calorie Molten Chocolate cake, but it did smell very good. One bite was all it took to be completely entranced by the chocolaty goodness. I ate it slowly, and savored each luscious bite. Definitely point worthy and a beautiful discovery to make on an average Monday night.

Warm Delights


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