Life’s Little Update

on October 25, 2007

I have put off blogging for a bit. I was relishing the feelings of my last post — I wanted the feeling to last longer. But, alas, life had other plans only two days later. Ryan Shupe said how I was feeling perfectly:

“‘Cause sometimes life just slaps you in the face and knocks your brains all over the place
And leaves you standing there wondering why, sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry”

Jean Luc and I went out that Friday. We saw a movie and had dinner. During the movie he kept his arms folded the entire time. I’m thinking to myself “either he is extremely reverent or if I’m reading is body language correctly, I would say he’s taking a ‘closed’ position emotionally.” Because I am oh so subtle, I finally just ask him on the way home “So is the reason why you haven’t held my hand because I have girl cooties?” I took him off guard and he chuckled a bit and said “no”. That was the beginning of our 2 hour talk in my driveway where he told me that Dr. Laura says that divorced people with children under 18 shouldn’t remarry. This set me off and right there in the cab of his little red truck I stepped upon my soapbox. My first words were “maybe you should find your patriarchal blessing and then take it to the Lord and see what he wants for you.” But after more discussion it comes down to the fact that the women in Jean Luc’s life have not treated his heart with care. He is wounded by his ex-wifes multiple affairs but won’t acknowledge how deeply it hurt him. Our discussion ended with the ‘ol “lets be friends”.

The next day I went with a couple friends in my ward to Leatherby’s and drown my sorrows in ice cream, hot fudge, and peanut butter. I know it’s for the best – but dang it – I still like him even if he does think I have “girl cooties”.

I really am blessed with good friends, because within a week of this happening someone from work came into my office and announced she wanted to set me up with someone. I’ve got nothing to lose so I say “yes”. A couple days later he calls me at work (I was a bit surprised) and we arrange a date for a week from tomorrow. During the conversation I find out he’s been “officially divorced” a month. I will be his first post-divorce date. Ohhhh the pressure. I think I should open a “Divorce Rehab Dating Service”.

I was sharing my idea with a friend last night. Today she sent me the following email:

Ok so I was sitting in my little corner of the cube farm here at Access Development and I had an idea hit me like lightening. Why should you be interested in my silly little ideas you ask? Well it because it deals with you and something you said last night. 🙂 Fear not dear friend, it is good.
You said last night you were going to start your own dating servince for the recently divorced. Well here is a name for you.
And after a few years of your booming business/counceling service you start to get national attention due to your amazing success. (Of course you are happily married by this time. You just still run the place.) So they decide to make a movie out of this. “It will be in international blockbuster!” The overly energetic producer tells you. So you agree thinking to yourself it could be fun. After many hours of toiling over the name of the movie you come up with this oh so clever title. “The Dating Game.” With the tagline “Its not as bad as it seems.” or ” Dating like a twenty something when you are in a different something category.”
Here is the story line. Or what I have so far. Now keep in mind this all came to me while I was sitting at lunch eating my saled and caramello bar. So needless to say there are a few kinks to work out.
Or leading lady will be named Ann ** (names have been changed to protect those this story is about)
One of our leading men will be named Tag – Every movie needs a devilishly handsome dude with a soap opera name right?
Tag is fresh out of a relationship and is looking to go on the prowl again. He is a nice guy, but knows he is good looking and uses that to his advantage.
Guy #2 is named Dave
Dave is your regular every day good guy. He too has just ended a marriage in which he was blissfully unaware of his wifes goings on. He is a handsome fella but no Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, but there is something about him we cant help but like. Is it his knack for making some of the best Pot Roast, his heartwarming laugh, or his ability to tie licorice into a knot using only his tounge.
Anns BFF – Julie (Her name could be changed)
Julie is one of the most optimistic people you will ever meet. Her only downfall? She is always trying to set Ann up. And every guy she is sure is “the one”. Will she get it right?
Stay tuned for the first exciting adventure of Anne and her dating life!

What can I say… Today is not the most exciting work day. 🙂


So before me I have new adventures awaiting that include a new business and possible Emmy award — oh yea – and another date.


One response to “Life’s Little Update

  1. Erin says:

    I am sorry DeAnn. Really, really sorry. Why isn’t this dating thing just a little more simple? But you know what, you are doing what you should do and you are dating like crazy. This is leading somewhere good. I just wish it would hurry itself up already. 🙂

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