Write Everyday? Doesn’t That Seem Compulsive?

on November 2, 2007

November is NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month.) The challenge is to post something to you blog every day for the Month of November. Am i up to the challenge? I should be – afterall I have written in my journal everyday since i was 14. Lest you think I’m bragging (okay maybe I am just a bit) it all started out as an OCD compulsion. Which makes me mostly neurotic instead of super-cool. Even after it was no longer an actual “compulsion” I had been doing it for years, it’s theraputic, and why break such a long standing tradition?

I like to think of the story they told in Young Womens about Brigham Youngs daughter that described the home she lived in so perfectly in her diary that they were able to recreate the interior decorating of the Beehive House when they restored it. Could it be that some day my journals will be the inspiration for something great? Well, not likely. As a teenager I thought that I would pull out my journals from my youth and sit down with my own teenage daughter and share witty or inspired anecdotes from the journal of my teen years. I would be such an ueber-cool mom that all her friends would be jealous of because she had a mom who “got it”.

Life played a funny trick on me — because I have boxes of journals under my bed and in my closet gathering dust and no daughter to bore. There are times when i go back and read from years gone by but I usually have to skip around because who really wants to read 27 years of journal entries? Seriously – going back through the pages of years gone by there are at least a complete 10 years of nothing but writing about fat, food, eating, not-eating, exercising, new resolves, broken resolves, self-loathing, reccommitment, falling off the wagon, getting back on the wagon, falling off again, etc. Did I really spend so much of my life not being happy with myself? Unfortunately the answer is “yes”. But even with all that, there are also pages of boys I liked, future hopes, dreams that never came true, dreams that did come true, people who changed my life, regrets I have, prayers answered, miracles, people who love me, things that embarrassed me, lessons from the Lord, secrets that only my heart knows, days that seemed to never end, and blessings I’ve received.

So it seems natural to participate in NaBloPoMo. So I dedicate this month to me and my journal and may I only blog the good writing – unless I have writers block – ummm did I mention I had pie tonight? I think it was 8 Weight Watcher points but i only counted it as 5.


One response to “Write Everyday? Doesn’t That Seem Compulsive?

  1. Laurel says:

    writers as good as you should be blogging everyday…not just in November. I love reading your stuff, de….and love that you counted 8 points as 5. you’re great!

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