Sheesh! So I Missed a Couple Days!

on November 7, 2007

I had great intentions – really I did. I planned on posting to my blog every day just like I started out to do on November 1st — but sheesh – get off my back already don’t you understand that it’s the Christmas season? That means that it is the season of love, cheer, and goodwill towards man. Whatever! Not if you work anywhere near retail. My business is mail order so actually my holiday started in the middle of October. Deck the #@%% Halls already! Oh and might I add what is up with 3 — yes 3 radio stations now playing ONLY Christmas music? If you want to play a few Christmas tunes – great – you have my blessing. But all day, every day for 2 straight months? Puleeeeze! How many times can we hear Feliz Navidad (cha cha cha) and a billion variations of O Holy Night (okay – I do like that song – but still . . .)?

So as you can see I just have been overwhelmed with the the Holiday Spirit to blog every day.


One response to “Sheesh! So I Missed a Couple Days!

  1. Tiffany says:

    Yes, blogging every day feels very hard. And so does listening to constant Christmas music. Is it that time already???

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