My Christmas Newsletter

on December 17, 2007

dcp_2784.jpgMerry Christmas everyone. I hope you are having a joyous season filled with love and the holiday spirit.

It’s been a busy year and thought I’d catch you all up. I’ll start (and end) with letting you know what DeAnn has been up to this year.

DeAnn is pure sunshine. She has me laughing one minute and crying the next. Right now she is 30 pounds lighter than she was last year at this time. She is also down a pant size. I’m so proud of her for her accomplishment. I know it wasn’t easy, but she didn’t give up. Thanks to all her friends who have continued to encourage her on this journey.

In January she started therapy an has told me that it was one of the best things she has ever done for herself. We are hoping that with continued therapy she will stop talking about herself in 3rd person.

In the spring she discovered acrylic fingernails. It is an expensive habit and I’ve told her she probably should have never started. But she loves them and continues to tap her beautiful fingernails on any hard surface. At times it’s an annoying, but one look at those not-too-long-white-tipped-wonders and you’ll forgive her.

After years in the “man desert” DeAnn also started dating. She enjoyed her time with Jean Luc even though it didn’t turn out as planned. She discovered that she wasn’t broken after all and that she really is datable. This was such a fun time for her and I hope that she’ll have more of these opportunities in the future.

DeAnn survived an office move and a car wreck, and was able to bounce back from both in surprising form. She also joined a grown-up gym and has enjoyed her membership there (except for the Personal Trainers that bug her once a week while she’s on the treadmill, totally in the zone, grooving to the I-pod, and within her training zone, because they need to sign another person up and get their hard-earned cash – but I digress.)

DeAnn has read some fantastic books, seen some good movies, spent time with incredible friends, had several Girls Game Nights with her nieces, Sunday evenings laughing with her family, and spent time on her knees thanking the Lord for all these wonderful things in her life.

Well, friends, that’s all for this year. Remember to keep the Christmas Spirit in your heart and that I love you all.



2 responses to “My Christmas Newsletter

  1. Erin says:

    Well you did it…you made me cry. I love you De. What a wonderful year.

  2. Red says:

    I love that you talk about yourself in 3rd person… and that you’ve accomplished so much this year. You are wonderful! Happy Christmas, love… Happy Christmas.

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