Family and Cocoa – A Great Combo

on February 19, 2008

I must admit – I have wicked-cool nieces and nephews.  Today to celebrate the holiday (Presidents Day) in style I went with my sister and her kids to one of my favorite places – the Cocoa Caffe’.


They serve Italian-style hot chocolate and to me it is so delicious I like to call it “sin-in-a-cup”.  This cocoa is thick and rich and more like chocolate soup.   The proper way to eat this is slowly – with a little spoon.  It is also acceptable to sip it ever so gently.


My sister understands the beauty of this hot chocolate and I believe my mom does now (we introduced her to it today.)  I even think my nieces appreciate the experience of the Cocoa Caffe’.  Maybe it’s a girl thing!  My nephews just didn’t get it.  To them it was was “okay” and suggested maybe adding a little sugar to it.  Blasphemy I say!





2 responses to “Family and Cocoa – A Great Combo

  1. Larrie says:

    Hey! How come I don’t know about this place? Are you holding out on me? I LOVE hot chocolate. We ARE soul mates:-)

  2. Brett says:

    I think I need to speak out, I love Cocoa cafe! It is one of the tastiest things about Utah. I love their cocoa, either frozen or hot, and it is a requirement to play a boardgame while you are there!

    God Bless you for this Post!

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