It Was What it Was

on March 3, 2008

I didn’t see it coming and I think that is what makes it harder. The parting of ways is never easy anyway and the whole “It’s me, it’s not you” doesn’t soften the blow. I should have seen it coming – I even think there were some subtle signs. You have so much going on in your life right now and I should have been more compassionate – but I was selfish and I just wanted more – always more. I think I understand why you just had to walk away – it doesn’t end the pain but I understand. It was was what it was and believe me – I’ll cherish is.

So Tiff of the Would Be Writers Guild Blog – farewell. I think understand why you need to move on. You never did jump the shark. Go out on top like Seinfield.

I didn’t want to tell you this earlier but actually – for some time now I’ve been visiting other blogs too. Some you introduced me to and others I’ve been secretly reading without your knowledge. So I guess I was drifting anyway.

I’ll have fond thoughts of the time I spent on your blog being a voyer into your life. But “it was what it was” and I’ll move on.


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