Okay Camille – We’ll See if You Are Right

on March 4, 2008

For several years I have had the same license plate holder on my car. Actually I’ve had it on 3 cars. It just seemed to fit my persona.

Forget Love . . . I’d Rather Fall Into Chocolate

A few years ago I was approached my niece who was at the time in elementary school. She was very concerned about my unmarried state and told me in all seriousness that she knew why I was not married yet. Believing in the wisdom and inspiration of children I was eager to know why. She then told me it was my license plate holder. I was obviously telling the boys I didn’t want to fall in love – because I only wanted chocolate (my therapist would have probably told her she was on to something – but I digress.) I giggled at her comment then – I mean what did she know about love and men. In my experience chocolate had certainly been more available, friendly, and reliable. I have thought about it several times since then and decided it was time to change my personal statement to the world via my license plate.

This morning I put on a new license plate holder.

If I Were Given a Cape & Nice Tiara
I Think I Could Save the World

So sweet Camilli Vanilli, I am a little late in taking your advice but if this works I’m going to feel real dumb about waiting so many years to get a new one — and I promise to buy you your own tiara — and maybe even a cape!


5 responses to “Okay Camille – We’ll See if You Are Right

  1. Larrie says:

    Too funny! Heck, you could save the world without the cape. You already have the tiara (fancy name for halo) and I’d happily let you be in charge:-) Fun post.

  2. Laurel says:

    God bless Camille for telling you that. I’ve been wanting to say it for a long time (grin).
    Here’s to capes and tiaras and Camillle being right!!!

  3. Camille says:

    It’s good to see that you finally change thatlicense plate holder . It’s very important to me( He, He, He)

  4. Adam says:

    Boss Lady!!!
    good luck on your new license plate holder! I am glad to find out what you are up too finally. I hope that you are doing well boss.

  5. My Dilema | says:

    […] Given a Cape and a Nice Tiara I think I Could Save the World […]

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