Be the Blessing

on March 18, 2008

I am trying not to get so wrapped up in myself.  I seem to do that too often.  A lot of the time it’s in comparing myself to others who seem so put together.  I mean I know some pretty cool people who do cool things, have cool jobs, and well – are so nice that you just simply can’t dislike them.  I must admit I’m totally lucky that way.  Actually I think I’m blessed.

I decided to give myself a challenge for the next 30 days.  It’s pretty simple – Every day in my journal I record at least one thing that is a blessing to me.  It doesn’t have to be something big.  For instance, today I am grateful for Blue Bunny Sugar Free Strawberry ice cream.  It’s incredible tasting and the plus – it doesn’t send me on a sugar rush – binge – crash cycle.  It’s feeling pretty much like a blessing to me.

The other part of my challenge is that every day I try to be the blessing in someone else’s life.  In my morning prayers I ask Heavenly Father to help me know who needs my help and then to help me to actually do it.  I’m afraid the Lord probably nudges me all the time and because I am so wrapped up in myself I don’t pay attention – or worse I think “ugh that will so mess up my schedule”.  Let’s face it – I’m all to human that way.  I’m not looking for something big like giving away a spare kidney everyday.  But rather the small things that just makes someone elses life a bit easier.  Like being extra pleasant with the cashier at the store, emailing or calling a friend when she crosses my mind during the day, or telling someone I work with what a great job they are doing.  I guess just trying to spend a little more time lifting.

Anyone else want to try my 30 day challenge?


3 responses to “Be the Blessing

  1. Larrie says:

    hmmm…I just keep thinking that if I can just get through the next 30 days. I see now that’s pretty selfish. I accept the challenge. I will keep my challenge private because I’m not ready to let the world know this particular “error” in my life. But thank you, thank you for the challenge. I’ll check back in 30.

  2. Laurel says:

    I want to do the challenge AND I want to let everyone know I was the recipient of the blessing of YOU today. Thanks for the I/M. I needed a little dose of you.

    I’m in.
    Love the challenge.
    I’m totally in.

  3. Hollers says:

    You are a blessing in my life EVERY day, silly!! What would I do without my De??

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