So Frivolous

on April 5, 2008

Several months ago I came across an ad for what looked like the perfect bag (aka:purse) for me. I have a bag/purse problem. I love a good bag and I’m ever in search of a perfect one. I am particular about my bags and some bag features simply will not do. For instance – I’m not a lover of the “flap”. I want to get in and out of my bag and be able to casually toss things in. With the flap-type bag there is no casual tossing. My bag of choice can also not be narrow. The wallet must be able to go in an out without having to be turned a certain direction just to get past the top zipper. Also, with a narrow bag there is no way to just open up the vast cavern to see what you have in there (because anyone who knows me – knows I carry my life in my purse.) The narrow purse is dark and no room to root around for my keys. A narrow bag is like trying to carry around your most prized possessions in a tube sock. A narrow purse with a flap should just not be allowed to be manufactured.

Anyway – back to the ad for the most incredible bag. I was so intrigued by the purse/bag that I immediately looked it up online. Unfortunately it was well over $100.00 and that’s not even a fancy one. I just couldn’t justify the purchase. But I did enter the contest to win a free bag – which basically is the ploy they use to garner my email address for marketing purposes. I knew that meant I would start getting email from them, which also meant that I would continue to covet the bag I couldn’t have as each email showed up in my inbox.

Surprisingly they didn’t sent many email which was all for the better. Then this week – an email showed up promoting a “sample sale”. They were selling off their samples and scratched models. They were 50% off!  For the one I wanted – that still would be $80.00.  Again – not a bad price for a good purse if you keep using the purse longer than six weeks. So I thought about it. I looked at the ad again and again. Finally I decided that I just needed to have it. This bag will put order into my life. This bag will make me a better person. This bag is cute and the person that invented it was so smart that I wished for a brief moment that I was her. And I just got my state tax refund dangit! So I did it. I ordered it. Below is what my beloved bag will look like (except it will have my stuff in it.) Also mine will be in Creme Brulee (yellow).


2 responses to “So Frivolous

  1. Laurel says:

    Could you BE any funnier? I love your bag addiction. It just cracks me up. and for the record, smart purchase. Can’t wait to see it live!

  2. Larrie says:

    So has it come yet? Do you still love it? I want to know if I could stand to be that organized:-)

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