Jefferson City — I’m On My Way

on April 10, 2008

A couple years ago I came to the realization that getting to a healthy weight was an actual journey and not an event. To make the journey a little more fun I charted it out on an actual road map. Each pound I lose equals 10 miles. I have marked several cities along the way and put a sticker on the map when I reach my “mini destination” or (city) visit. My final destination is Jefferson City, MO. My plan is that when I reach my goal I’m going to actually go to Jefferson City MO. I don’t know much about Jefferson City except for on the day I started the map it was EXACTLY the right amount of miles to equal the pounds I needed to lose. The website for the city does tell me that I”ll “feel the history” and that it will “call my name” and plus – my kindred spirit, LC, lives in Missouri. Really who wouldn’t want to go there?

This journey has been long. A lot longer than I thought it would take when I mapped it out. At the rate I have gone I surely could have actually walked to Jefferson City AND back. I have, however, decided that although it’s taken longer, the trip hasn’t been a waste. Sure – I spent an awful long time in Wamsutter, WY and then went out wandering in other wasteland areas of Wyoming. But eventually I got back on track and started moving forward again. Like any journey, I’ve learned so much and really it hasn’t hurt anything to take it a little slow and enjoy the scenery more. That doesn’t mean it was really smart or enjoyable to stay in Wamsutter that long. It’s a small place, and of course a nice place to visit on my way to my destination, but I really overstayed my welcome there.

I am happy to report today that I have officially arrived in Laramie Wyoming and am actually on my way out. Beautiful place – short stay. Jefferson City is looking better and better. And when I get there — I’m gonna look HOT.


Jefferson City


3 responses to “Jefferson City — I’m On My Way

  1. Tiffany says:

    That is the coolest idea I’ve ever heard. I sort of wish that your destination would be Newark, Delaware (so that you would be coming to visit me) but that would put you probably at minus eight-five pounds.

    What a cool journey you are on!

  2. Laurel says:

    What happens when you look hot & sexy long before Jefferson City? Then what will you do?!?

    I remember when you came up with this brilliant idea.
    SO proud of you!

  3. Larrie says:

    I’m here waiting:-) It’s hard because I’m so excited. What a day we will have–or a week–or longer. Once you’ve arrive in Jeff City (that’s what the locals call it) you of course can wander around the rest of the state and places of interest nearby. And I will do it with you. Wyoming is quite a barren spot you know. Hope you don’t have to spend too much time there. There’s much beauty to see beyond. Press on, Press on!

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