A Deliciously Wicked Weekend

on April 21, 2008

Yes — you read the title correctly. I had a deliciously wicked weekend. I don’t remember the last time I had a weekend as beautiful as this one.

It started with an email from my good friend Holly in which she says

“Does anyone, ummm, by any chance … want to run away this weekend? To like, say, St. George? Just to escape? Cause … I’d drive …”

Ohhh how I wanted to go — just run away and do basically nothing. But I couldn’t. There was some unexpected work to do. I should come in to the office. So what is a responsible girl like myself to do? So I went anyway.

Did I mention it was like 80-degrees in Saint George? 80-blessed-beautiful-sunshining-degrees! Holly drove her beautiful car Gwen, sunroof open and windows down. It was heaven. Having really only one day to enjoy the fullness of Saint George we planned out every single minute of our time there! Wah ha ha — as if!! Actually Saturday I slept until almost 9. Got dressed and we went out and did a little shopping – basically meandering to wherever the heck we wanted. We came back to our temporary home (thanks Scout for letting us stay at your family condo) and lay in the sun in the back yard eating fruit and peanut butter sandwiches. I read my scriptures and pondered life in general. I read for a few hours and took a little nap. It was a wickedly delicious afternoon and I savored every minute of not feeling guilty for doing absolutely nothing responsible.

We did manage to put ourselves together to go to dinner at the Painted Pony. Yes it was expensive – but worth every little morsel I put in my mouth and lovingly chewed and savored. It was pure pleasure.

After dinner we waddled back to the condo and got ready for bed and watched a movie.

This morning after church we packed our little things and headed for home – sunroof down, windows open, Mormon Tabernacle Choir cranked and blasting.  Yes – a deliciously wicked weekend.


3 responses to “A Deliciously Wicked Weekend

  1. Erin says:

    You are killing me. I so wish I could have been there but really happy you had such an amazing time.

  2. Laurel says:

    Holy beautiful creations of food. I so wish I was there (for the company…NOT the food…OF COURSE!)

  3. Larrie says:

    Sure don’t know if we have anything in Missouri that even looks as good as this food. But I’ll start looking today:-)

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