Loss . . .

on April 28, 2008

I noticed on Friday.  It was gone.  I could not find my IPod in my gym bag where I keep it.  Perhaps it’s in another pocket?  Perhaps I left it at home?  Perhaps it’s in my car?  Perhaps . . . oh no I think I left it at the gym Thursday night!!!!  I mentally retrace my steps.  Thursday night I take out my IPod and go to the treadmill.  I decide to watch the TV instead and plug in my earphones to listen to the TV.  I must have walked away and left my IPod!  Is that how it happened?  I’m not sure – I don’t remember if I actually took it with me to the treadmill or not.

So I begin my search.  I empty my bag, I ask at the gym, I look in my room – even under the bed.  I search my car.  It is nowhere!!!  I know that the Lord has found my lost keys before and I know He can find my IPod.  So I ask.  I am sure to let Him know that I know it’s just a “thing” and a worldly request but that I really really really would love to find my IPod.  And so my faith is not in vain – I continue to look.  My name and phone number is also on my IPod so surely if someone found it they would call me – it’s the honest thing to do.

Today I decided that perhaps the Lord has in mind for me to do my part to stimulate the economy.  Afterall the government will be sending me some money.  So at lunch today I bought the following:

It’s not the same as my lost IPod which I still long for.  But at least I will have something to listen to when I workout.  Because she is a beautiful pink I have named her P-Pod.  I am hoping we will bond and I will learn to love her.


3 responses to “Loss . . .

  1. Tiffany says:

    How timely. Today I realized that my car keys are MISSING. I think I left them at a restaurant over the weekend, but they can’t find them.

    I hope you find your P-Pod soon.

  2. Natalie says:

    But she is pink so that is lovely.

    Yay for a new iPod and I hope the last iPod found a good home where people will enjoy the scriptures that you have put on her!

  3. Larrie says:

    Cool pink iPod. Very cool. Wish Heavenly Father would help me find my mother’s ring that I so carelessly lost. Been everywhere; asked fervently but not found. (Glad I still have my kids:-)

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