Divine Intersectings & Intertwinings

on May 1, 2008

So often, among so many other praiseworthy blessings, life features intertwinings of our lives that we can scarcely number. Yet why should we be surprised? Do we not sometimes use phrases such as “instant friends” and “kindred spirits”? After all, those within our individual circles of influence definitely constitute our particular portion of humanity—those whom God expects us in particular to love and to serve. . .

Some day, in my opinion, we shall see that these intertwinings are not simply a function of mortality but went on before in our first estate, and surely they will continue in our third and final estate! If this is true, what seem to be friendships of initiation here are actually friendships of resumption.

– Neal Maxwell

Sometimes I have to sit back in amazement at the people the Lord has put in my life. It’s been like that this week. I went to dinner with some friends on Tuesday. We stayed for 3 hours in Applebees talking, laughing, and I think I may have even cried (big shocker for me.) When I left, I felt so grateful that the Lord sent these people into my life at the exact time I would need them. They are the kind of people that I wish everyone could know because I know they would be blessed to know them. You just can’t feel bad about yourself when you are with them.

This is not the only time the Lord has sent me amazing people. The group I fondly call the GNO group is 6 other women who at the time – we all worked at the same place and were single. That was just the circumstances, what bound us together was that we were all struggling and striving to me more like the Savior. Plus we are all incredibly funny (not to mention humble.) I can’t count the times when one of them has sent me a message just saying “how’s it going today?” knowing that they really do want to know and expect that my answer will be more than a “fine”. They are truly a group that will cheer me on, rejoice when I rejoice, and mourn when I mourn.

Then there are others who have crossed my path and instantly I felt that connection of “I think we’ve been friends before.” I felt that when I met Laurels mom. I felt it again when I walked into the Would-Be-Writers-Guild for the first time. Again when I met the women I worked with on the Oakcrest Commitee years ago that are still my dear dear friends.  Of course Cassidi, a friend I’ve had for years that when we talk it’s like she never left.

You know – when I think about it – I really must be one of God’s favorites or he wouldn’t keep intertwining my life with so many incredible people. Yup — I’m bless-ed.


4 responses to “Divine Intersectings & Intertwinings

  1. Hollers says:

    You’re TOTALLY one of God’s favorite daughters! I’ve known that for a long time! And you know what? You’re a post card from heaven for ME. Nice to know we were friends BEFORE, isn’t it?

  2. Erin says:

    Oh yeah, you are one of God’s favs for sure. One of my favs too!

  3. Laurel says:

    Ditto. Ditto.
    I’m glad my life got to intertwine with yours.

  4. Larrie says:

    I loved this! Thank heaven (literally) that we are so blessed and favored that we “remember” our previous associations and are able to renew them here. Thank you for the Elder Maxwell quote and thank you for “recognizing” me. It is such a comfort to find dear old friends.

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