Thank You and Goodbye

on June 20, 2008

Dear Fat,
Excuse me — yes — I’m talking to you. All of you – every extra layer on my stomach, hips, thighs, arms, and chin. I know I haven’t addressed you directly before but I think it’s time I did. Don’t act so surprised we’ve spent a lot of time together the last 15 years – we’ve just never really communicated.

No doubt over the years you have heard me talk bad about you behind your back. I’m sure you heard all the times that I said that I loathed your very presence and that I even hated you. And if you didn’t hear I’ll confess to you now that I have even told some of my closest friend that I wish you’d just go away and never come back. I’m sorry for being so hurtful and thought now would be a good time to have a heart-to-heart chat.

First of all I want to thank you. You heard correctly – I want to thank you. I really mean it. You see, in recent months I think I have come to understand you and so I thank you for what you tried to do for me. You attempted to shield me from heartache, pain, rejection, and feelings I was too afraid to feel. The thing is — It really wasn’t your job to start with. But you came and so easily stepped into that role and I allowed you to keep trying to fill that assignment.

Please accept my apology because as I used you as a diversion I really did allow you to hang around much longer that you ever needed to and I’m truly sorry.

So what I really want to say is – it’s okay for you to go now. You not only my permission – but my blessing to leave. Don’t worry, I’ll be okay. I have found other things that more effectively fill the position I tried to put you in. I release you from all those old responsibilities I put on you. And please — I beg of you — don’t come back even though I know you will want to try to hang around and continue helping me. But you see – I’m not the same girl who needed your warmth and protection years ago. I’m good. I’m whole. So thank you – and goodbye


6 responses to “Thank You and Goodbye

  1. girlwhoknits says:

    Yeah fat. See you later! Have I mentioned how you inspire me before? Because you do.

  2. girlwhoknits says:

    Oh, not fat. Fat doesn’t inspire me. YOU do. Just wanted to clear up any confusion.

  3. Tiffany says:

    How do you always manage to write something so witty/funny and deeply touching at the same time???

    This is wonderful.

  4. Laurel says:

    no better words.
    no better deliverer.

    I’m telling my fat the same thing…can I just read this to mine? I’ll totally give you credit.

  5. TentTrash says:

    Tell the fat how it is! I told mine a few years back. Mine left and now I yell at my skin and bones. Keep going, you WILL make your goals!

  6. […] am in receipt of your letter of June 20th.  Of course I was surprised to hear from you at the time and I have thought much of what you have […]

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