The Face of a Child . . .

on July 7, 2008

“The face of a child says so much . . . Especially the mouth part” (Jack Handey)

I missed going to Weight Watchers last week. When I say I “missed it” I don’t really mean I “missed it, missed it” I mean I didn’t make it “missed it”. This next week I have girls camp so my only real day to go is tomorrow. That is a Monday after a week of partying with my nieces and nephews for a couple days while my sister was out of town, a work party, 4th of July BBQ, luncheon after a baby blessing, and me mixing up a batch of my super-famous candy casserole (totally for camp next week.) I’m not excited to weigh in because frankly I would rather live in denial right now. Also I have a week of camp food – which, unfortunately, I adore. So would it really be so bad to live in denial just one more week? I got my answer to that question tonight and I decided to face the scale whatever the number is.

My inspiration came from the lips of a precious 4 year old girl. I was watching my friends children while she and her husband went to a church meeting tonight. She has 5 awesome girls and I’m always delighted to help out when I can (although I usually bring candy so my friend maybe isn’t as delighted as I am.) So here I am sitting in a super-comfortable chair in their living room holding the baby on my lap as the 4 year also climbs up. She looks up at me with her innocent angelic face. It felt almost like a “Hallmark moment”. If someone would have been there to take a picture I would post it and you would probably have tears streaming down your face this very moment. And then she said something that gave me renewed determination. Innocently she patted my stomach and said “you have a really big tummy”. I nodded and agreed. Afterall she was only stating the obvious. Then she said “when my mom was fat, she had a baby – I think you’re going to have a baby.”

Weight Watchers


10:00 a.m.

I’m so there!


3 responses to “The Face of a Child . . .

  1. Laurel says:

    I know this isn’t funny but I’m laughing so sweetly….well…because I’ve been there.

    I remember the first time a cute little girl said, “wow. you’re fat.” It was all I could do to not say, “wow. you’re ugly.” well, a.) because she WASN’T and b.) because she was right.

    Let’s have this be the best week at camp-we’re-away-from-the-world-and-we’re-getting-ourselves-back-on-track we’ve ever had.


  2. Larrie says:

    So this week I had my grandson here for a few hours and I leaned over to pick something up and he said, “You have a big bum.” Hmmm, what does one say to that except “sure do.” What a life. I wish eating were not such a pleasure!

  3. Heather says:

    Ohh. Little kids are so stinking adorable, even if they say something we’d rather not here. I had a similar experiance at temple square a couple months ago. My own nephew has told me I have a big stomach a couple times. I just try and look at it as further encouragement to work on it so I can run and play with him.

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