Hot Dog! It’s Gonna Be a Great Day!

on August 29, 2008

I have great friends.  I’m not just saying that, either.  The Lord graciously put the most incredible people in my life and I could spend hours writing about them.  But Danna is the kind of person that everyone should have in their life.  She is the most genuinely cheerful person I have ever met.  She gets excited over so many things that just watching her brings joy to my heart.  She endears people to her because of her constant smile and laugh. She laughs at everything and smiles constantly.  When she is mad, she laughs and cries at the same time.  It’s awesome.  When Christ talks about the “pure in heart” during the Sermon on the Mount, I think he was describing Danna.  I have never heard a more pure and sincere testimony than hers.  I just hope when she “inherits the earth” that she’ll sneak me in the window and save a mansion for me across the golden street.  The thing is — she will.  Because even though I don’t deserve it — she likes me.  No – she loves me. How Bless-ed am I?

This summer at girls camp we had a Christmas theme.  The first night the Stake planned a little nativity scene that was acted out while giving a reading of Luke II.  I have seen this acted out a bajillion times*.  It’s a sweet story – how could it not be – it was the birth of the Savior.  This story, however,  will never be the same to me.

My other friend, Becky and her husband, played the parts of Mary and Joseph.  The were perfect – I have not seen anyone in any movie, play, or Ward Christmas party play the roles of Mary and Joseph more beautifully and tender.  Seriously – pass the Kleenex – it was that beautiful!  But then — the shepherds came in.  Danna was a shepherd.  She was wearing her blue bathrobe and a towel on her head like, like every shepherd did during those days I’m sure.  Since I have seen this scene a bajillion times* (see above for statement above for proof) I expected the shepherds and wise men to be their usual solemn selves – but not Danna – this girl shepherd was grinning ear to ear.  She was completely into the story and I swear her entire body was smiling and her eyes glistened with tears.  I could envision her in her own field with the flocks of sheep running around the hillside —  her in her bathrobe and towel shouting “Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming.”  She was that excited!  It was then a realized that not only was the birth of the Savior a sacred event, it was also an exciting event.  One we waited for with joy and anticipation.  No doubt, when He comes again, she’ll be waiting there smiling.

Yesterday as I went visiting teaching with her, she had reminded me of how she came to such joy in her life.  When she was younger she was sad and mopey.  One day her dad gave her a “talking to” and he told her that every day when she woke up up, she was to excitedly say “Hot Dog! Today’s going to be a great day.” Then she was to sing “Oh what a beautiful morning” in the shower.  He told her to “fake it, till you make it.”  I guess it worked.

How powerful – decide to be happy and then act that way until it is who you are!  I know it sounds simplistic but it can’t hurt.  This morning as I got in my car I shouted “Hot Dog!  It’s gonna be a great day.”

Kari and Danna

Kari and Danna


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