The Four Hour Sunday Nap . . .

on March 23, 2009

I adore the “Sunday nap”.  It’s a nice little tradition that I have.   I come home from church, have a delightful snack or lunch (depending on what time Church is,) change my clothes into something comfortable, and take a little nap.  Now that church is at nine in the morning I usually have time to read a little or spend more time in the scriptures before the “Sunday Nap”.  Today I did read a little in the scriptures but with my warm sweatshirt and soft socks on it was an easy transition to fully untilizing my “day of rest” to do just that.

There is only one problem when one takes a 4 hour nap on Sunday — going to bed at a decent time.  It’s 10:15 p.m. and I am wide awake.  My alarm is set for 5:00 a.m. so I can get up and be to the gym by 5:20.  Do you know how early 5:00 a.m. is when you don’t get much sleep?

So here I sit comfortable on my bed with my laptop and my random thoughts . . .

  • I have always wanted to write the story of my maternal grandparents, Willie and Margarete Milius.  Theirs is a love story made of coincidences that really are small miracles.  I didn’t really have much association with my fathers parents – but my mom’s parents were part of my growing up life.  To me – they were perfect.  In reality they were very humble people who quietly lived the gospel.  I wish my writing skills could do their story justice and I feel inadequate to put it on paper.
  • I should paint my toenails.  It’s almost time for sandals.
  • Found a new online game called “slide solitaire” so bad for someone with OCD.  I mean it’s all about lining up the numbers on the cards.  Easy yet somehow satisfying to see the cards line up.
  • I should spend my computer time doing Family History.
  • I think I’ve turned into a Face Book geek.  But it’s been so fun to reconnect with people from so many facets of my life.  When I really look at it, I feel so blessed that the Lord put so many incredible people in my life – and at the right time.  I’ve even been blessed to reconnect with some of them and remember how they blessed my life years ago and see that they still bless my life now.
  • So one of the friends I’ve reconnected with through Facebook wants to introduce me to one of her single guy friends.  I’m totally game – what do I have to lose.
  • I wish I had better Facebook photo’s just in case her friend checks my profile out on facebook — do you think airbrushed glamour shots are too obvious?  I think Napoleans friend Deb could get me a sweet deal on some glamour shots.
  • If you have a fudge emergency — melt chocolate chips.  Open bottle of marshmellow cream.  Put spoonful of marshmellow cream in small bowl.  Put in spoonful of melted chocolate.  Stir.  Eat with spoon.   After tonight my nieces and nephews will testify that this  indeed will work in a fudge emergency.  Wow – that Aunt DeAnn makes some awesome desserts.
  • I wore capri’s to work on Friday.  I’m so so in denial that it may snow tomorrow.
  • Read Alma 8 today.  Loved verse 15.  Alma is all depressed and the Lord says “blessed art thou . . . lift up thy head and rejoice.”  Reminded me that no matter what I’m struggling with I need to remember that I AM blessed and to find joy.  I highlighted that scripture in purple.
  • If anyone looked through my scriptures they would see it totally highlighted in a variety of colors.  I have a secret color code for my scriptures.  Here it is: If I read a scripture I like — I highlight it – in whatever color pencil I have handy.  Sometimes I re-read scriptures and I love them all over again and underline them again in a different color — or highlight them darker in the same color if I happen to have the same color.  I also write in the margins.

Almost 11:00 p.m. — must go to bed.  Must sleep.  Must get up at 5.


3 responses to “The Four Hour Sunday Nap . . .

  1. Tasha says:

    I need to put more chocolate chips and marshmellow cream in my food storage.
    I love your scripture marking system, mines so boring I just use the YW colors, I hate trying to figure out if a scripture should be red (iw) or blue (dn), and now I need to go back thru with gold :o)
    I hope you made it to the gym!

  2. Chism says:

    That dessert sounds so good, that I think I might have to try it!

    After all… “it’s a marshmellow world in the winter!”

  3. Becky says:

    I am glad you enjoy your 4 HOUR NAP!!!! I must admit I am a bit envious! 🙂 but life is full of all sorts of different blessings! So I’m glad you get this blessing! You are the best!

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