Move Over Glass Grapes . . .

on May 6, 2009

I am here to tell you that craftiness at Relief Society is alive and well.   This evening I went to the Mother & Daughter enrichment meeting.  With a few picnic items I was able to make some home decor that I doubt even Pier 1 could duplicate.

You will need a cheap-ola paper plate.  Do not use Chinette! You will also need some plastic forks – the heavy duty ones.


Add some ribbon and flowers and work the magic of the glue gun and you will end up with a fan that you can display in any home or office.


I also have even more respect for my friend Becky who has 5 daughter (1 1/2 years  to 11 years) and yes she brought all five with her and proceeded to make some cute little dolls with them.  And what do you do when they all need their dolls glued?  Send ’em over to her friend with the glue gun.


Now these are just darling for little girls to make at Mother/Daughter night.


How cute are they?


One response to “Move Over Glass Grapes . . .

  1. Becky says:

    Thanks for being there in more ways than one! You are a life saver! And for the record — the girls all wanted to be over with you the whole time! I made them stay with me until their dolls were ready to glue! 🙂 And your fan is fabulous!

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