Voted the Best . . .

on June 15, 2009

Do you ever go to restaurants and see awards and articles framed saying things like “voted best egg breakfast”? There are even billboards in Utah showing the “best in Utah” awards.  I always wondered who it was that was voting it the “best” and you never know who the competition is to know if it truly was the best.  So I held my own contest where I vote what is tlipstain-line-uphe best.  Like those before me I won’t tell you who the competition is.  These are 7 things that I personally have voted BEST!

Best Lip Stain
Winner:  Outlast Lip Stain
Easy to apply applicator makes color go on smooth.  Natural looking and not gooey or too runny.  The makings of perfect lip stain.
Best Cake
Winner:  Mrs Backers Pastry Shop
Delightful fluffy cake with lucious buttercream frosting.  Best when eaten cold and slowly savored.  Yes I know there are a bajillion little cupcake places now but nothing beats a Mrs. Backers.
Best Healthy Place to Eat
Winner:  Au Naturale
Located at 880 East 2100 South in Salt Lake City.  How could anything be so yummy and so good for you?  The sweet potato fries are a must but don’t get them to go.  They are baked and should be eaten immediately  so they don’t go soggy.  But truth be told — I’d eat them soggy too.  Try the frozen yogurt.  This is what frozen yogurt is supposed to taste like.
Best Book I’ve Read in the Last Year
Winner:  The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
The narrator of the story is “death” and he weaves an incredible tale of Germany during World War II.  Death is intrigued by 9-year old Liesel and her desire to learn to read.  Her family is also hiding a Jew.  It’s a tear-jerker but I didn’t feel manipulated in to crying like some “tear-jerking” stories do.  This is one that makes you think.
Best Online Time Waster
Winner:  Tie between Facebook and Slide Solitaire
Best Funny Thing I Did Lately
Winner:  Changing the mail notification sound on a co-workers computer to a burp.
Best Workout
Winner: My Sisters Wii AE Active
I totally kicked butt on this — and it totally kicked my butt.

A special thanks to all who attended the awards ceremony which was held at my residence tonight.  Ice water and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins were served.  I also appreciate those who overlooked all the camp stuff collecting in the computer room where the ceremony was held.


4 responses to “Voted the Best . . .

  1. Red says:

    You are funny… I’d vote you the “Best Sassy Around.”


  2. Laurel says:

    Do I get credit for introducing you to Au Naturale? (and btw, fries are now packaged in paper instead of foil…they are JUST FINE “to go”).

    Man, i’ve missed you.

  3. Erin says:

    I can’t believe I missed the awards ceremony. Next year I am SO in!

  4. […] At the beginning of the summer I posted things that I thought were the best.  Check that out here if you like.  Well not to be a negasaurus or anything but clearly if there is the […]

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