100 Things About Me . . . Now

on February 15, 2010

A couple of years ago I did this exercise and I encourage anyone to do it.  It really makes you think.  I’m sure some things are the same as the last time I did this but I’m not going to peek until I’m done.  So here it goes:

  1. I live with my mother.
  2. I’ve grown fond of making Sunday dinner.
  3. I love that I have friends in many different life situations – my list of friends include grandmothers, singles, young mothers, and more.  They have truly enriched my life.
  4. I enjoy the people I work with.
  5. I pay all my bills online and rarely use checks anymore.
  6. I bought Season One of Diagnosis Murder and I’ve been watching it.
  7. I started seeing a dietitian.
  8. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t go to girls camp in the summer.
  9. Hulu rocks.
  10. I sleep on a twin mattress because  a bigger one just won’t fit in my room.
  11. I’ve turned 3 of my nieces into deodorant snobs.
  12. I have turned into my mother and I now wear slippers all the time at home.
  13. I love to sleep in.
  14. I have sleep apnea and have a c-pap machine
  15. I hoard paper, pens, and other office supplies.
  16. I just bought a laminator.
  17. I am trying to learn to eat intuitively and sometimes it’s really hard.
  18. I buy too many water bottles and mugs.
  19. I love to bargain shop and love the NPS Market Square store.
  20. I only discovered Nutella this last year.
  21. I love purses and am forever searching for the perfect purse.
  22. I  came to the realization this last year that I will never have babies and it makes me sad.
  23. I’ve decided to give up hope on some of my dreams and am learning what dreams God has always had for me.
  24. I am so grateful for friends who share their babies with me.
  25. I love that my nieces and nephews have grown up to be incredible people.
  26. I read (or listen) from the Book of Mormon every day and have since I was 14.
  27. I have written in my journal every day since I was 14.
  28. I think 26 and 27 have been the only real benefits of OCD.
  29. I met Donny Osmond once.  He dropped a piece of paper and I picked it up and he said “Thank you”.  We are total BFF’s now.
  30. I don’t understand the appeal of the Twilight books.
  31. I am currently reading The Lost Symbol.
  32. I had a great relaxing vacation last month to California.  Grateful my friend and old mission companion would take me in for a few days.
  33. I LOVE the ocean.
  34. I love the hymn Ring Out Wild Bells and think it should be sung or read very dramatically – especially the part “the year is dying in the night, ring out wild bells and LET IT DIE” – and that last part should be said very low and breathy.
  35. I still love John Denver.
  36. Wii Fit Plus is way fun.
  37. My mom really really wishes that I would clean out the craft closet because it overfloweth.
  38. Sometimes I feel insecure about my abilities.
  39. Sometimes I think I’m funny when I am probably not.
  40. I totally love when i get a burst of inspiration and I know it didn’t come from me.
  41. I love to hear of answered prayers.
  42. When I was a little girl I went into the bathroom and prayed to be a Genie. Umm – it was an unanswered prayer.  If it was answered just think how cool it would have been.
  43. I was sad when the series Monk ended.
  44. I think it’s fun to ask my nephew Matt about his dates and watch him turn red.
  45. I am very impressed by people who knit (Erin you are so cool) but I don’t think I have the patience to learn to make more than a scarf.
  46. I like Facebook and I have loved all the friends I’ve reconnected with.
  47. I haven’t been working out as much as I have in the past and I know I’ll feel better if I do.
  48. I would love to write a book – even if it’s never published.
  49. I wish there was a Trader Joes in Utah.
  50. GOOD Dark Chocolate is de-light-ful.
  51. I love teeny tiny things.
  52. Crap I am only at 52.
  53. I don’t think it’s wrong to say “crap” or “freaking”.
  54. I am shocked that not all of my nieces love Pride and Prejudice.  Where did I go wrong?
  55. I think What About Bob is a hilarious movie.
  56. I love to watch The Biggest Loser but sometimes wonder if it’s unhealthy for me to watch it.
  57. I’m thinking that tomorrow I will get highlights in my hair.
  58. I think it would be cool to be a ballet dancer.
  59. I bought some Belly Dance exercise DVD’s.  I only would do them in my room with my door shut.
  60. I think I should wear cute aprons more often.
  61. I own way too many lipsticks.
  62. I own way too many bags.  I love me a cute shopping bag too.
  63. If 80’s hair would come back into style I could get a perm and wear my hair big again.
  64. It’s probably best if the 80’s hair does not come back in style
  65. But wearing legwarmers over my jeans would be cool.
  66. I really hate getting a zit just right in the inside of your nose or in your ear.
  67. For entertainment my family smashed diet soda (shake it really good) with a bowling ball on the 4th of July.
  68. I’m kind of getting tired of doing this and I’m wondering if I can really think up 100 things.
  69. Would you think less of me if I stopped at 69?
  70. I wear a watch every day.
  71. I can only wear gold or sterling silver earrings or my ears get sore and gross.
  72. I think a glass-covered cake plate is a good investment.
  73. My guilty pleasure is getting my nails done.
  74. I always felt lotion on my hands was slimy and would only put lotion on the back of my hands and then rub the backs of my hands together.
  75. I don’t think it’s slimy to put lotion on my arms and legs with the palms of my hands.
  76. I do like my Blackberry.
  77. I love Sunday naps.
  78. I cry too easily I think.
  79. I think the orthodontist took of my braces too soon because I never felt my teeth were straight enough.
  80. I have 6 capped teeth.
  81. I have dislocated my shoulder 3 times.
  82. I NEVER want to dislocate my shoulder again.
  83. I am the youngest of 6 children.
  84. All my siblings live in Utah except one — he lives in New Mexico.
  85. I often think of my grandparents even though they passed away many years ago.
  86. My dad died in 1991.
  87. My mom has grown shorter.
  88. I would rather cook for 100 than 2.
  89. I feel guilty too much of the time.
  90. I sometimes feel guilty that I feel guilty.
  91. I am grateful for medications for OCD.
  92. My car is named “The Scurvy Pearl”.
  93. I am trying to learn to end the struggle with my weight.
  94. Sometimes when I am watching Starsky and Hutch (yes I own all the seasons on DVD) I think it would be easier for them if they would use a cell phone.
  95. I have already pre-ordered Season One of scarecrow and Mrs. King.
  96. I am in the middle of about 5 books.
  97. I know how to change my own oil but I rarely do it.
  98. My brother forced me to learn to change my own flat tire although I prefer someone else to do it.
  99. I am incredibly grateful for my life.
  100. I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father that loves me, and I love him.

10 responses to “100 Things About Me . . . Now

  1. Laurel says:

    1. I can’t stand how much I loved this.
    2. I read every single one.
    3. I feel slighted Erin got a shout out and I did not.
    4. I’ll get over it.
    5. I’m probably going to steal this and do it on my blog.
    6. I love that you wanted to quit at 69 but you kept going.
    7. I love what a blessing your OCD has been for you…and for those of us you pray for every day
    8. I feel so blessed to get to have you for a friend
    9. I’m inspired by you
    10. I think #94 is my favorite and I don’t even know why.


  2. Erin says:

    I loved reading this too. And not just because I got a shout out (although it might have something to do with it.) 🙂

  3. Vanessa says:

    What a great list! I’m totally getting a glass covered cake plate now. And I’m really into the cute apron thing. You’re an awesome person. It’s tragic that I never see you anymore. Take care!

  4. C. says:

    Oh my stars! I learned a lot of good things here. Number 34 is my favorite because I dig that Hymn too. When a friend is sad, I make them sing it with me to create tears of joy.

  5. Mandy says:

    Alright, who doesn’t love Pride and Prejudice? I bet it’s someone in MY family, huh?
    So to do this exercise, you just write 100 things about you, is that right? I think I might do it. Tell me if I’m doing it wrong. 🙂 Oh, and #25 is my favorite. Go figure.

  6. DeeAnn says:

    Love it…now I am going to HAVE to do it on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration. Love you…and you can come again anytime! It was in the 70’s today! I bet the beach was wonderful!

  7. DeeAnn says:

    It’s been 10 long days since your last blog…get with it girl!

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