Thoroughly Modern Me

on February 27, 2010

Tonight I watched Thoroughly Modern Millie on TMC.  I forgot how much I love this movie with Julie Andrews, Mary Tyler Moore, and Carol Channing.   I am totally committed to work the following phrases into my everyday language:

“Can I be your stenog?” – This is my new pick up line for cute rich men.  I don’t even think it matters that there are no longer stenographers.

“Oh Pook” – Instead of “crap”, “darn”, “dang”, “fetch”, etc

“He’s just full of applesauce” – I’ll use this phrase when someone is previously full of crap – er – I mean “Pook” or when someone has literally eaten a lot of applesauce.

“Terrif” – This is short for “Terrific” but I plan to use this in all situations where I am completely amazed.

“Banana Oil” – In the movie it was used as a way to express disappointment and I quote “she doesn’t want to see me.  Banana Oil!”  I think I may be able to use this interchangably with “Pook”.

“Sad to be all alone in the world” – do we really ever use this phrase enough?

And after 2 hours, my language has been enriched and Julie Andrews has saved the 2 leading men and Mary Tyler Moore AND brought down an opium den/ white slave trade organization.  TERRIF!


3 responses to “Thoroughly Modern Me

  1. Laurel says:

    I adore you.
    no “full of applesauce” here.


  2. DeeAnn says:

    Love that movie and love you, even when you are much more Terrif than I can ever hope to be!

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