Random Thoughts on a Sunday Night

on March 29, 2010

It’s amazing the things that went through my head this week while I was at the hospital with my mom.  I had at least 3 blog posts planned out in my mind this week. I’m sure you would have been amazed, because the would-be-posts were insightful, inspiring, and a little funny.   Unfortunately — these amazing posts have all left my head.  So as you read this – imagine for a minute that you are reading something insightful, inspiring, and a little funny.

Now as I sit in the silence this Sunday night my mind wanders . . . and ponders . . .

I don’t value, love, and appreciate my body enough.  My mom had hip replacement surgery on Monday.  When they brought her to her room afterward she was so white and so frail.  Her skin seemed to sag and I realized she was morphing into her own mother, my grandmother.  In the next couple days I watched as the color came back to her face and she started sitting up, then slowly and painfully standing, then walking with the walker.  I am amazed as the resiliency of her body.  This old sagging body (don’t you dare tell her I said that) was immediately forgiving and repairing itself.

Tonight I am gratefully for my own body and how forgiving it’s been of my own treatment of it.  Grateful my body is giving me a second (third? fourth?) chance.


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