Birthday Poetry

on July 19, 2010

I love my birthday!  I love it for many reasons.  I love getting together with friends and I love getting together with my family.  Okay — I love presents too even the ones I buy for myself.

This year I received 2 gifts of poetry!  This is deep poetry.  You probably will need 2 tissues.  One from my niece Rachel and one from my nephew Matt. I include them below so that you can see their talent.

From Rachel:


Dearest DeAnn . . . of you I am a fan!

You came to all our torturing puppet shows,

And other events in fancy clothes.

DeAnn we love you so dearly.

You are so awesome, which anyone see clearly.

You smell like berries and cream,

When I see you I start to beam.

And I want to pee my pants with joy,

I know someday you will find a boy.


From Matthew

Ode to DeAnn: Reflections on early childhood and the influence thereof of the aforementioned person, as well as om other big words such as HEPATICOCHOLANGIOCHOLECYSTENEROSTOMIES and HONORIFICABILITUDINITATIBUS to make this title seem longer

I have an aunt, she is really great

It say DeAnn on her name plate

She is always able to cheer me up

And I won’t forget all the drinks, bobka by the cup.


When I was little she took me to the dollar store

“Two things,” she said I could have, how could a guy ask for more

When I was small and fell and broke my arm

She was there to rush me to Dr. Netterbaukerstarm (not really his name but I needed something to rhyme with “arm”)

Now that I’ve grown up I guess all I’m trying to say

Is thanks DeAnn

And Happy Birthday!





4 responses to “Birthday Poetry

  1. Laurel says:

    i adore that matthew.
    making up a name to rhyme with “arm”?
    yeah, he’s cool.

    (and I adore your bday too. YAY YOU)

  2. Tasha says:

    You taught them so well! :o)

  3. tikenmoose says:

    OK, you can totally tell that Matt and Rachel come from the same family. I must also say that Rachel’s cards are one of my favorite things. What lovely gifts!

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