Cheap Therapy Part 2 (Or What I Learned in Sunday School)

on August 9, 2010

Someone told me once that one of the things that they loved about the Gospel was that we could accept truth from many places and people.  They may or may not be members of the Church I attend.  Don’t you love it when you hear something and your spirit recognizes it as truth?  Don’t you love how the Lord can answer your prayers and questions from people that you may not expect?  That was my experience this morning.

As I was getting ready for church I turned on the TV and looked for something inspirational to listen to.  I turned on PBS and found Wayne Dyer doing a presentation on “Excuses Be Gone”.   I’m familiar with Wayne Dyer – kind of a “new agey” motivational speaker but I’ve never really paid much attention to him.  But I stopped on this channel and listened as he talked about changing our thoughts to change our life.  Immediately the words came to my mind “he’s talking about a ‘change of heart’.”   He said that we have the capacity in our brains to change the way we look and think about ourselves and having a fuller life.  I know that in my current struggles (see previous post) that the change I need to make primarily is in my mind and heart. He also talked about the excuses we give to ourselves that prevent the changes we want.  I loved when he said that making these changes is about “choosing, not excusing”.  Oh  I needed to hear that.

As I went to Sacrament Meeting I pondered on the excuses I have made myself lately as well as my own fears of being able to make lasting changes.   Then the speaker talked about hope.  Hope in Christ and what that really meant.  She reminded me about the enabling power of the atonement.  I so needed to hear this too.

I’ll admit I’ve spent many (MANY) Sunday Schools in the foyer.  I also admit that I like the “foyer class”.  But recently the leaders were counseled to be better examples when it came to Sunday School.  So I started going a few weeks ago.  I’ll also admit that I started going out of guilt and no other real virtuous reason — plain and simple guilt.  I avoided the big Sunday School class – the one in the Relief Society Room that is hot stuffy and smells like sweaty men – and have opted for a smaller class that they have created.  The teacher is young and inexperienced but from the first time I went I knew it’s where I needed to be.   The Spirit is there every week.

Today we were discussing Elisha healing Naaman from leprosy.  In the story Naaman comes to Elisha the prophet seeking to be healed from leprosy and Elisha tells him to go to the Jordan River and dip himself 7 times.  Naaman is is bit put out because he wanted something dramatic.  The class discussed why Naaman didn’t want to do this simple thing.  One person brought up that perhaps Naaman had witnessed other miracles (parting of the river, Elijah taken to Heaven in a chariot of fire, etc) and he felt he should have the same grand experience.  One sister said that perhaps he lacked faith in the simpleness of the way.  Then one sister quietly said “I think he wanted someone else to do the work.”  Wow!  If my heart was my Blackberry  it would have gone “bing” and alerted me to a message from the Spirit.

You see – I’ve been praying for my own miracle — my own change of heart.  I think sometimes I expect something dramatic instead of having to drag myself to the river 7 times.  The instructor then read this quote “Are we not sometimes like Naaman, looking for big or important things to do and bypassing simple things which could change our lives and heal us of our afflictions?” (Rex Pinegar) Eeek — he was talking about me!

So here’s the thing about a “change of heart”  — it takes some actual work.  It takes giving up the excuses I’ve used.  It means doing what needs to be done – even when I don’t want to.  It means having hope and believing that ALL THINGS really are possible with God — even things I’ve doubted I could change about myself.  It means the Lord will help and strengthen me – but he won’t take the challenge away — I’ve got to walk to the river.  I’ve got to bathe 7 times.  But he promises — He will heal me.


2 responses to “Cheap Therapy Part 2 (Or What I Learned in Sunday School)

  1. DeeAnn says:

    Thank you once again dear friend for hitting the bullseye for me. Should I be paying your for counseling?

    Love you!

  2. Laurel says:

    i feel like this was Part 2 of what I learned today…but I didn’t know there was a Part 2 to what I learned today.

    THANK YOU for this.
    You are spot on…not just for you.


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