Bad Blogger

on October 15, 2010

My cute friend reminded me the other day on Face Book that I hadn’t written a post in like FOREVER.  I confessed that I lacked the inspiration.  Now this is not to say that I haven’t had a BAJILLION potential blog posts go through my mind the last few weeks — it’s just that they never seem to make it past the first thought.  So here are some of the blog posts that never were:

  • I had A Reeses Peanut Butter Cup – Really – Just ONE!
  • My Analysis on Why My Previous Post on Velma Gets Over a Thousand Hits a Week! (who knew?)
  • Just Because There is a Beam in My Eye Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have A Mote in Yours!
  • Reasons Why the Large Man on the Bike in the Gym Inspires Me More Than the Personal Trainers.
  • My Beagle Named Bagel
  • Yes I Have a Mannequin in My Office.

So as you can clearly see . . . I’ve been blog impaired.  Hopefully inspiration will return soon . . . because let’s face it —  no one wants to get me going for a whole blog post on citrus punch flavored as toxic waste.


2 responses to “Bad Blogger

  1. girlwhoknits says:

    I am going to respectfully disagree with you. All these blog ideas sound like fun to read. I think you should stop censoring yourself and just write!

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