Love and Humility

on March 14, 2011

I visited different ward other than my own for church today.  I witnessed something so sweet today in Sunday School and I haven’t stopped thinking about it all day.

There was a guest instructor today.  I try not to judge – but sometimes I fail terribly at it.  This guest instructor looked a little goofy.  I know he’s a nice enough guy – but he’s the kind of guy that would still be wearing a plaid polyester suit if he could find one.  His wife stood at the front with him and I assumed that they would be team teaching.  Now she was classy.  She dressed classy and acted classy and it’s one of those things were you wonder how they ever ended up together.  But there they were.

As soon as he started to speak he motioned to his wife and asked for assistance.  I assumed it was her part of the lesson to present, but I was wrong.  She stood by his side and as he read from the manual I could tell that she was pointing to the paper.  He struggled to read the question he was asking and it was evident that he probably wasn’t a great reader.  Immediately I felt bad for him and wondered if this would be the longest lesson of ever — for everyone including him.  It was a relief when a class member answered and then he commented thoughtfully on that answer with no awkwardness at all.  He then read from the manual again and I noticed that his wife stood with him very close and as he read she was pointing to the words as he read them. This is how the entire lesson was taught.  Her finger gliding along the page as he read  and often she would whisper in his ear how to say a word he didn’t know.  There was not even a hint of impatience from either of them.  They were a team.

It was probably one of the best Sunday School classes I have been too.   I confess I am a repentant Sunday School rebel.  In the past my favorite Sunday School class is the one held in the foyer talking (I’ve reformed in the past year or so and I now attend faithfully.)  So you can see I’ve been a bit intolerant in the past of boring less than entertaining instructors.  So what made this one so different?

It’s easy — it was the Spirit.  And those instructors brought it with them.  Most men I know,  if they struggled with reading, they would not even teach a lesson let alone have his wife stand at the front and help him like a child.  But you could tell he was grateful for her.  Also, not many women I know would stand up there for an entire lesson (without taking over or even commenting) and assist her husband in reading.  There was a connection between them and a connection to the Spirit.  I no longer thought of him as goofy and his halting words were not a bit of a distraction.

As they taught about the life of Jesus it was evident that they were living the teachings.  It was humility and love right before my eyes.


One response to “Love and Humility

  1. Erin says:

    What a beautiful example this is. Thank you for sharing.

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