A Signed Little Miracle

on March 15, 2011

This morning as I said my morning prayers I asked the Lord to bless me with an opportunity to bless someone elses life with service.  I also asked that I would know the opportunity came from Him.     You see I realize that sometimes I only choose to serve when it’s convenient. So I wanted to ask the Lord for help to recognize the opportunity instead of shrugging it off because I’m “too busy”.  Plus know that sometimes I am selfish and too critical and the best way to root out those qualities it to serve – something I definitely need to be better at.

Later in the day I had a meeting downtown at our corporate offices.  As I was walking from the parking lot a block away I was stopped by a woman.  She was probably in her 20’s, overweight, and a little unkempt.   She asked if I would buy her something to eat.  It was interesting that she didn’t ask for money like many of the transients do.  I could sense she wasn’t homeless – she was simply hungry.   Remembering my prayer this morning and knowing the Lord had given this to me, I told her I’d be happy to and asked what she would like.  Being a little late to a meeting seemed insignificant all of a sudden.  The girl suggested a little sandwich shop that was a half block away.  So we walked there together.    As we walked she thanked me and told me that she wouldn’t be getting her food stamps until tomorrow and that she was hungry.  I thought it would be good to make a little conversation with my new friend so  I asked her where she lived.  She didn’t say “In town” or “a couple miles a way”.  She said “I live on Goshen Street”.   That is the street where my grandparents lived!    The street my mother grew up on!  The perfect little yellow house that held a million warm memories.   My heart jumped just a little and the Spirit immediately flooded my heart.

I said to her “I know where Goshen street is. ” She replied, “no one knows where Goshen street is”.  I said “I do – my grandparents lived there and I loved their house”.  I told her that I had such happy memories of my grandparents home and how when it was build it was just a little German community there.  She told me she lived in a house with about 10 other women – kind of a half-way house.

We got to the restaurant and she asked if she could order a whole sandwich. I told her to order whatever she wanted.  She just ordered a sandwich but I suggested she get a drink too.  Then I bought her a $20 gift certificate and gave it to her so that she could have a meal or treat the next time she came to town.  She thanked me.  But was not gushy or overly dramatic (like the lady I gave gas money to once because she was “out of gas” and showered a few too many “God bless you’s” only to come by later seeing her give the same story to someone else – but I digress)  This girl  just simply needed something to eat.  So that was that!  I  left and headed to the office leaving her to eat her sandwich.

I felt happy.  Just very very happy inside.  And not because I did something that was so wonderful (remember I have a lot of selfishness that outweighs buying a girl lunch.)   I was happy because I  KNEW that Heavenly Father heard my little prayer.  He answered it and then signed it with the wonderful words “Goshen Street.”

Grandpa & Grandma Milius Outside Their Home On Goshen Street


4 responses to “A Signed Little Miracle

  1. Laurel says:

    love. love. love. love. LOVE.

  2. Erin says:

    Amen. After reading this I feel like I need to change how I pray. Thank you for sharing this perfect example.

  3. Ang says:

    I love you. Thanks. (*sniff, tear*)

  4. Heather Hansen says:

    Love the story, and the picture. 🙂
    And I know where Goshen street is too, I made a point to find it.

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