Dear God, Thank You!

on April 29, 2011

I have a friend who is so good at writing Thank You cards.  Every time I get one from her I vow to be a little more like her.  Today was a day where I wanted to send the Lord a Thank You Card.  Several times today he sent me people to give me a message.

  • At work he sent me T.H. who reminded me that I do make a difference even at times when I feel insignificant and wonder what I’ve done with my life (who knew that there really is something to that whole “mid-life” crisis thing.)
  • A little while later someone else came to my office to ask some non-work advice.  It was about girls camp.  Luckily my thumb-drive was in my purse and I had my camp files on there and quickly printed out some forms I had developed years ago thinking maybe they would help her.  Later she sent me a message of thanks.
  • A good friend and former missionary companion came through town and we met up for lunch.  We chatted like no time had passed between us.  She is just good for my soul.
  • Tonight my neighbor and I went visiting teaching.  One of the women who has always been polite but never really let us in to spend time with her opened her door tonight — and her heart.  We talked — about important things.  We laughed.  We cried.  Then we joined hands and prayed.

Dear Heavenly Father . . . I know I’m a whiner much of the time!  But tonight  . . . THANK YOU.  That is all.


One response to “Dear God, Thank You!

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