45 Things I Love About My Life

on July 29, 2011

45 years ago this month I made my grand debut to the world.   So for each year I’ve lived . . . here are 45 Things I Love About My Life (in no particular order.)

  1. My mom.  She is just a truly good woman who loves the Lord and her family.
  2. My father who watches out for me from the “other side”.
  3. My sister.  She is the best friend I could have.  She loves and accepts me unconditionally.  She is a good mother and I’ve loved watching her raise her children.
  4. All my nieces and nephews.  I love them like they were my own — and it’s even better because I don’t have to clean up after them.
  5. My taste in bags and purses.  I do know how to pick a good bag!
  6. That I feel like I make a difference in my job (on most days.)
  7. That people often will talk to me and share their problems and struggles.  I can’t solve them usually but I hope I can listen and help people feel understood and loved.
  8. My friends in my ward and stake.  I love that it doesn’t matter that our lives are different — their is a common bond that runs deep and we can help and support each other.
  9. My GNO friends.  Sometimes I wonder why they like me — I’m kind of a dork sometimes and yet they always see the good in me (or if they see the not-so-good they keep it to themselves.)
  10. My Facebook friends — which really translates into the wonderful people who’s life’s path has crossed mine at sometime and thanks to technology (“yes I love technology . . . “) have crossed my path again.
  11. That even though I don’t have a big expensive house, I do make enough money to get my nails done and buy a few clothes and a purse every so often (umm like every couple months.)
  12. My Golds Gym membership.  It’s a good place to run away to.  My rule is that I never take my phone in with me.  It’s just time for me.
  13. The temple.  I love the time I get to spend at the temple every week.  Who knew it would change my life so much?
  14. My cricut. So cool.
  15. That I can come home and have shaved ice every night if I want.   That was a $24.99 investment this summer that has been worth every penny.
  16. A bed with 5 pillows.
  17. The tradition I started this year with my mom to have a prayer with her every Sunday after church.  Sweet times.
  18. Good dark chocolate.  Who needs Hersheys when you can have Lindt or Cummings  Studio Chocolates.
  19. That my car is paid for.
  20. Pedicures with adorable flowers on my toes.
  21. Sunday naps.
  22. Netflix
  23. My Android Thunderbolt phone.
  24. Prayers answered through the scriptures.
  25. My journal
  26. That I LOVE teeny tiny things.
  27. That I actually have a mannequin in my office.  You say “crazy”.  I say “creative”.
  28. Cute aprons.
  29. Shoes
  30. Tender mercies from the Lord.
  31. That feeling you get when you hold a baby.
  32. Texting someone I care about for no reason at all except to say I was thinking about them.
  33. Receiving texts from someone I care about for no reason at all except for them to say they were thinking about me.
  34. Nieces and friends who fall in love and remind me that fairy tales still happen.
  35. Walks in the park.
  36. That bargain shopping is my favorite sport.
  37. My feelings of connection to my grandparents even though they have been gone for many years.  I love that I have a few things in my room that belongs to both my grandmothers.  I truly believe that they are not very far.
  38. Those rare moments of feeling completely content and that all is as it should be.
  39. That Pride and Prejudice NEVER gets old.
  40. Getting drenched in a warm rain.
  41. Blogging (I really am going to start writing more — I’ve missed it.)
  42. Books, books, and more books  . . . and even more books that I’ll probably never get around to reading.
  43. Singing loudly in my car and turning up the sound high enough that I can’t hear myself.
  44. Me
  45. Jesus Christ!  My friend, My Savior, My confidant, My strength, My therapist, My hope, My ALL.



3 responses to “45 Things I Love About My Life

  1. Melissa Ash says:

    DeAnn, this was an amazing post, full of so many wonderful things! Thank you for sharing! And…I don’t know how I lived without Netflix :)! Have a great day!

  2. Becky says:

    You are awesome! I love that whenever I see teeny tiny things — I think of you! 🙂

  3. Erin says:

    Love this list and LOVE you!

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