Dolls and Dreams

on August 11, 2011

There came a time when I packed up my Barbies and other toys  in a box and put them away on a shelf in the basement.  I think I was 13.  Years later, while cleaning, I found the box.  Everything was still the same.  My Barbies still had ultra short hair (little clue here . . . if you cut Barbie hair — it doesn’t grow back,) and my Bionic Woman doll was still there wearing her red-white-and blue sweat suit.  The Bionic Woman was completely fashion-impaired.  She was bigger than Barbie so the only other clothes she had to wear besides her jogging suit were dresses I fashioned from old knee-high socks.  Poor Jamie Sommer’s could never catch a break with Ken.  And the Six-Million-Dollar Man doll seemed more interested in Barbie too.

As I picked through the dolls in my box I remembered I had other dolls that I had saved too.  There was a doll my brother had brought me from Spain when he came home from his mission.  There was a small stuffed bear that I got on a trip to Yellowstone, and a couple other things.

I gave my Barbies to my young nieces to finish destroying (they were too young to care about her ultra-short hair) and the special dolls I looked at, smiled, and put them away again.  I wasn’t ready to let them go and chances are I won’t ever be.

Some of my dreams have been like my old toys.  Recently I pulled them out of their “box” that I put on the shelf a year or more ago.

I looked at them.

I smiled.

I thought about analyzing why I’d even put them on the self, but decided that there were to0 many reasons and perhaps today – it doesn’t even matter anyway.

I know that some dreams have just passed.  Like my old Barbie, they don’t fit in my life anymore.  There may have been pain when I packed them in the box, but taking them out today is just a sweet memory of a hope gone by.    These dreams I let go.  Someone else will play with them and it’s okay.

But a  few dreams — I  had forgotten that I tucked them away with the others.  They are ready to come out again.  I’m not ready to let them go –perhaps not ever.


4 responses to “Dolls and Dreams

  1. laurel says:

    you grab those dreams that are ready to come out and let them catch you.

    it’s time.


  2. laurel says:

    you grab those dreams that are ready to come out and let them catch you.
    it’s time.

    (PS…LOVED this!)

  3. Kari says:

    DeAnn, you always inspire me. I hope all those dreams come true.

  4. Gen says:

    This really brings back memories. I found a few of my dolls and stuffed animals not long ago too. It was amazing the memories that flooded back.
    I had no idea you had a blog. I am glad I was nosey and discovered you did!
    thanks for sharing this!

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