And She Lived After the Manner of Happiness . . .

on October 24, 2011

We had a Regional Conference today that was at the Conference Center.  My mom wasn’t up to going so I went by myself.

I am sure I could have arranged to sit with a friend or ward member but I but I really wanted to sit by myself and have time to think and write as I waited for the conference to start.  Even though there was a lot going on around me I was able to find some personal “stillness”.   As I wrote in my notebook I realized that I still fall in to the trap of thinking that my weight is a measure of my happiness.  There is no doubt that my health does play a part of my happiness but  at the end of the day it’s not whether I stuck to my eating plan or not that determines my complete happiness unless I let it.  Honestly to do that is a distraction to some of the things that are really important.  At the end of the day these are the things I should be asking myself:

Did I spend time with the Lord in prayer?

Did I feast from the scriptures?

Did I eat mindfully?

Did I do my work diligently?

Did I exercise with joy?

Was I a blessing to someone else?

Did I listen for the promptings of the Spirit?

Did I laugh?

Did I have a few moments of stillness?

Did I have a grateful heart?

Are all those things on my daily “to do” list?  More importantly are they on my “to be” list?  They are now!


One response to “And She Lived After the Manner of Happiness . . .

  1. laurel says:

    i love everything about this.

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