Me a Mother? You Heard it Here First

on January 22, 2012

I have a wonderful friend who I will call Kari (mostly because that is her name.) She is a wonderful mother and her story of motherhood is a series of miracles.  When I get discouraged about wondering how the things that are happening in life will ever make sense in the grand scheme of things — I think of her.   By a series of events that no doubt had a divine design, she was able to adopt a daughter that she has loved long before she was “officially” hers.  Then she gave birth to her own son, Noah.  Her and her husband also do foster care and for the last several years has had a severely disabled girl living with them.  Things do happen for a reason and during the years she endured heartache as she ached for a child — God already had a plan in motion.

Her son is now 4-years old and adorable and funny.  I now have the opportunity to teach his Primary class every Sunday (with 2 other equally funny and adorable 4-year olds.)  The other day her son, who I will call Noah (because that is his name) complained to his mother about the unfairness life.  Being 4 can be very hard and terribly unfair at times.  You see — his sister who is adopted has a birth mother.  His friend (who is also adopted) has a birth mother.  And even his foster sister has a birth mother.  He said to his mom “everyone has a birth mother but me!”  But then he said “I want DeAnn to be my birth mom!”

Kari called me at work to tell me the news.  I laughed right out loud and then even cried a little.  I told her I would be happy and honored to be his “birth mom”.  She gave him the news and she reported that he grinned ear to ear.

Today at the end of our church class Noah said to me “You are the best birth mom ever!”

So here I am thinking about what life has in store for me (because it certainly hasn’t turned out as planned) and I can hold on to the hope that God already has something wonderful in motion for me.  After all — by some miracle, as of this week, I became a “birth mother” to a 4-year old.

Hang on, because this is going to get good!


2 responses to “Me a Mother? You Heard it Here First

  1. Cassidi says:

    I wish I would have thought of this first. Of course you are too young to be my birth mom. But will you take “best friend of all time”?!

  2. DeeAnn says:

    You are so awesome. Of course you should be his birth mom! My little bro and sis were unhappy that Curtis and I had Adoption days to celebrate along with our birthdays, so mom made it fair and gave them an Adoption day too. There are a few things in life that we can “make” fair. You are the perfect gal for this one! Love you.

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