Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

on May 15, 2012

I’ve been a blog slacker.  My posts have been few and far between.   I have one friend who after a long hiatus on her blog recently made a post.   I was so happy to see her little name in my blog reader pop up.   She basically blamed Facebook for her lack of blogging.  I get it!

When I first started blogging – it was so fun to take these random thoughts and weave them into a story.  I love to write and it felt good to have an outlet even if I had a readership of 3.   Then Facebook showed up and it became easier to take the “random thought” and just basically blurt it out unedited (and un-spell-checked for that matter.)  Here’s an example.  Let’s pretend that I am driving home from work and every-single-crazy person is on the road.  In “beginning blogging days” I would go home and weave a humorous story and describe in detail every nose-picking, mascara-putting on, road raged driver I saw.  I would then chuckle at myself and hope someone commented.   Fast forward to . . . NOW and if I had the same experience  at the next stoplight I would post on Facebook “Dear crazy people on the road . . .  I swear in your general direction”.  And that would be it.

But who am I kidding?  Facebook isn’t the only reason I’ve been a “bad blogger”.  There are other reasons — really really good excuses er reasons!

Here’s a true confession — I’ve fallen victim to comparisons.  It’s true and I’m ashamed.  I know comparisons are not healthy – I try not to do it — but I know some really really good bloggers.  I mean I know bloggers who have monumental epiphanies with every post!  And I love them!  And I’m crying! And they are just really really good (I have used “really” a lot in this post I just realized.)  I really shouldn’t compare but did you realize that I already have used the words “nose picking” already in the blog post?  I don’t think that tugged at your heart even once.  Oh and let’s not forget the “Food Bloggers” — I — L-O-V-E them!   And PINTEREST only makes me love them more.    So my post on making “Candy Casserole” just can’t compare to the Food Queen’s step by step instructions on making triple-chocolate-truffle-decadance.    And then there are the Weight Loss Success Stories . . .   I’m not dissin’ ’em.  It’s just I really wanted to be one of them.  I wanted to be an inspiration and help someone and pretty much — well I’m a bit disappointed in myself right now.

But there is more.  I just don’t have make the time like I used to.  I have super-duper important stuff to do.  For instance — last night it was EXTREMELY important that I “pin” 798 ideas to my “Girls Camp Ideas” board, 459 pictures of amazing chocolate desserts to my “yummy stuff” board, and 956 ideas on weight-loss to my “Be Healthy” board on PINTEREST.   AND Because you know that in my spare time I will be DOING all those things I pinned I will have even LESS time to Blog.

So there you have it . . . the 3 main reason I my blogging has been sparse.  But really — deep down — I kinda miss it.   Who cares if my readership is down from 4 to 2?  Maybe it’s time to start writing again.   I think my nieces will still read (Mandy? Clarissa? Heather?) especially when I text them and say “read my blog and put a comment and I’ll take you to Dollar Tree and let you pick out 2 things.”  Yup — I think I’m back – they are a sucker for the Dollar Tree.


6 responses to “Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

  1. girlwhoknits says:

    I’m still reading. I love what you write and love you!

  2. Chey says:

    Still reading at loving it! 🙂

  3. Ang says:

    Me, too. And you don’t even have to take me to dollar tree

  4. Clarissa says:

    Yay! I’m so excited to see another blog post. You’ve been missed!

  5. tikenmoose says:

    I love reading your posts! And honestly, I think it’s a lot more fun to read this then step-by-step instructions on making something that I’m gonna screw up anyway. Love you!

  6. laurel says:

    so very behind on my google reader but still reading.
    and still loving your journey.

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