Ox in the Mire (or why I went to the store on Sunday)

on May 27, 2012

I do not go to the store on Sunday.  It’s just something I don’t do out of respect.  I’m not saying I’ve never gone to the store on Sunday – I have been known to go to get something for someone who was sick or even myself when I wasn’t well.  I’ll even confess that several years ago one of my friends at church was telling me one early Easter morning that they couldn’t believe that she and her husband forgot to get Easter Candy for their kids and didn’t even do anything for Easter on Saturday.  They had just hurried their kids to church in the morning and figured they would break the news after church.  I totally skipped Sunday School and bought the candy for them and told her that I would take the “breaking of the Sabbath” wrap for her as I gave her the bag.

Today was one of those days that I went to the store on Sunday.  I’ve been feeling crappy for 2 days now and even went to the store yesterday.   But I failed to be prepared for HOW crappy I would feel today.

Thoughts of my mother saying that sometimes we have to “pull the ox from the mire on Sunday” made me feel better about my desire for Nyquil.  I always thought the “ox in the mire” was straight from the Bible but I have since learned that what Jesus actually said was “Which of you shall have an ass or an ox fallen into a pit, and will not straightway pull him out on the sabbath day” (Luke 14:5)   Thinking about my sore throat  I decided that I felt like my “ass was in a pit” so I pulled on my sweats and flip flops and drove my little sick self to the corner Walmart.

When I got there I couldn’t believe how crowded the parking lot was.  It made me kind of sad.  As I was leaving with my throat spray, Dayquil, Nyquil, and yes ice cream, a childhood memory popped into my mind.

When I was a child, if one of kids got sick on Sunday my mom would have to call the 2 drug stores in our area to see which one was open.  They took turns staying open on Sunday for emergencies.  Sunday just wasn’t a shopping day for them.

I am not going to lie – I am grateful for that I could get the throat spray and cough syrup even if I should have been better prepared yesterday.  But I think I would have been just as happy to call to find out which drug store was open for us poor souls who found their “ass in a pit” today.


2 responses to “Ox in the Mire (or why I went to the store on Sunday)

  1. tikenmoose says:

    Hey, I can’t think of a time that I’ve gone to the store and retrieved both medicine and a bag of popsicles. Let’s not forget the time a missionary I know had Russian sisters buy him a Coke on a Sunday because it was his birthday. Hehe. You rock!

  2. Mike Roach says:

    I usually find that when my ox is in the mire, I pushed it there.

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