Perhaps Tommy Never Left

on January 5, 2014

When I was about 4 years old I had an imaginary friend.  His name was Tommy.  I don’t remember much about Tommy.  But I do remember that Tommy was trouble.  At times, Tommy was naughty and somehow my mom always thought it was me who was leaving messes and causing trouble.  Each time I told her that “Tommy did it!”  Eventually my mom got tired of Tommy being such a troublesome friend and she finally swatted me on the butt and told me to “give that to Tommy.” 

I didn’t bring Tommy up to my mom anymore.  Eventually Tommy left  . . . or so I thought!

There are times when I am thinking about doing something new and there is a little “voice” that pops into my mind that says “what if you fail?”  There are also times when the “voice” says things like:

“Who do you think you are?”

“A half hour at the gym isn’t enough.”

“Do you need another piece of Chocolate?”

“You will only disappoint people”

“Ice cream will soften that blow when you do disappoint people”

“Why try when you have already failed a thousand times?”

“What makes you think any man could be interested in you?”

The interesting thing about “the voice” is that at times it seems to be helpful.  Like it wants to protect me from future disappointments.  But in reality — it’s just trouble!  That’s when I realized that it must be Tommy!  The critical and unforgiving messages that come to my mind can be unrelenting.  But it’s time I stood firm and talked back with confidence and belief in who am and who I can be.
So . . .

Dear Tommy,

Over 40 years ago my mom asked me to give you a message . . .


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